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Company EUROGAMMA FLAVORS & FRAGRANCES S.R.L. was formed shortly before the start of the third millennium. It connects the pharmacist, engineer technologists and biologists with the desire to be among the first in promoting new concepts flavoring and fragrance.

The first significant collaboration at that time has been with the one of the leading European companies in the preparation of flavorings and fragrances ETOL from Slovenia with a rich history. ETOL has been since 1924 one of the leading European aroma and flavoring houses for food industry, it employs more than 300 people and is present in more than 55 countries worldwide, including Romania trough


Today EUROGAMMA represent exclusively in Romania a multitude of European companies that produce ingredients for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. Promotion and distribution of their products have brought the company satisfaction, but also more daring dreams.

Nowadays EUROGAMMA represents two cosmetics companies, one of them is Slovenian company AFRODITA.

Kozmetika Afrodita was founded in 1970 in the heart of old and sophisticated resort Rogaška Slatina, a town with 400 years of tradition in spa and tourism. Afrodita cosmetic is specialized in different lines of facial and body cosmetics, derma cosmetics, aromatherapy and toiletries. Their products can be found in some of the best salons, spas and shops worldwide, including Romania.



Dipl.Eng. Gabriel-Cristian Grigorescu, general manager

Piaţa Alba Iulia 5, bloc I-4, ap 32, Bucureşti
M: +40 722 431 731,
T: +40 21 319 64 47, +40 31 40 11 372
E:  gabriel.grigorescu(at)

Prim.Pharm. Mariana-Mara Grigorescu, manager dept. Pharma & Cosmetics

M: +40 76 70 170 40
T: +40 21 319 64 47, +40 31 40 11 372
E: mg(at)

Gorenje d.d.

is one of the leading European home appliance manufacturers with a history spanning more than 60 years. Its global presence is built on two brands: Gorenje, which includes the entire range of home products of the upper-mid price range, and Asko, which is positioned as a global premium brand. In addition, Gorenje Group has six regional or local brands covering all price ranges. Technologically perfected, superiorly designed and energy-efficient home appliances elevate the quality of living for the users of Gorenje products in ninety countries around the world.

In Romania Gorenje is present with its high quality products for 20 years. S.C. Gorenje Romania is represented by the team of 17 people covering all business areas, from sales and marketing, to logistic and finance.

Over the time under Gorenje brand 500 products in normal range and 11 design lines launched where offered to the customers with the refined taste. Its network consists of over 150 distributors from all channels: DIY, specialized channel, cash & carry, online and independents. Gorenje products are present in more than 500 stores all over Romania.



Gorenje Group gospodinjski aparati d.d.

Franjo Bobinac, President of the Management Board and CEO

Partizanska cesta 12, Velenje



S.C. Gorenje Romania

Damir Drazetič, CEO

Calea Floreasca, no. 175,

cladirea Floreasca Tower/Cladirea

T: +40 21 233 33 90-71   

E: gorenje(at)

Alpina d.o.o.

Alpina d.o.o. is a development-oriented footwear manufacturer with a long and inspiring tradition. Very first pair of shoes where produced in 1947 in small town North-West of Slovenia called Žiri in a town with long and reach shoemaking tradition. Company is focused on sport, urban casual style and leisure time footwear for all genders and generations.

Alpina produces two ranges of shoes:

ALPINA SPORTS             &    ALPINA ALL DAY   

Superior comfort, flexibility and lightness of all day and trekking footwear are achieved by injection molding technology. For Cross-Country and Downhill range of shoes, as well as for the more traditional All Day styles, ALPINA relies on already proven technology, which enables to experiment with different materials, while maintaining highest quality of the products.

 ALPINA shoes are known by their excellence:

Flexibility: Careful selection of materials and complete production guarantees great flexibility for natural movement of the foot.

Good grip: The thoughtfully designed profiles of soles made of selected materials ensure a stable and safe step also in winter.

Softness: Soft, high-quality materials used throughout the manufacturing process make shoes soft and pleasant to wear.

Greater Volume: Decades of experience and sophisticated foot analyses ensure an equally great fit for all types and models of feet.

Natural Materials: Real leather and natural wool linings offer breathability and softness pleasant to the touch.

Alpitex Membrane: A top-quality membrane provides additional protection from snow, water and cold for exceptional comfort even extreme weather conditions.

Alpina d.o.o.
Strojarska ulica 2, 4226 Žiri,
T: +386 4 51 58 000
F: +386 4 51 58 370
E: alpina(at)

 S.C. Alpina-Siro S.R.L

Peter Močnik, director
Str. I.C.Bratianu nr.24
551003 -Medias, Sibiu
T: +40 269 844 810
F: +40 269 806 414
E: peter.mocnik(at)


Fluidmaster d.o.o.

Global provider of complete sanitary solutions

Founded in 1954, Fluidmaster d.o.o. (former “LIV”) is today a leading European manufacturer of sanitary ware products, including concealed and exposed cisterns actively sold under the brand LIV® and brand SCHWAB® in countries around Europe and the Middle East.


On the Romanian market Fluidmaster is present with its products for more than 25 years and is especially known for its exposed toilet cisterns Laguna, Vision and others. Together with concealed cisterns they are installed in more than 2.000.000 toilets around Romania and represents synonym for high quality product for the toilets.



Fluidmaster d.o.o.

Uroš Likar, Managing Director

Industrijska cesta 2

6230 Postojna, Slovenia

T: +386 5 72 83 712

F: +386 5 72 83 701

M: +386 51 689 057

E: mailto:sanitary.liv(at)


Fluidmaster Romania s.r.l.

Marius GIOROC, Sales representative


M: +40 744 487 140

E: mgioroc(at)

Hermi d.o.o.

Starts of the Slovenian Company HERMI back to 1985 when Herman Rauter started a family company at his home town Celje. He designed a classic solution of lightning protection. At the time lightning conductor installations were poorly maintained. This was especially true for larger buildings (churches), which were poorly and unprofessionally protected against lightning. Fires and great damage caused by lightning were quite a frequent occurrence. For Herman Rauter, this presented a new challenge: the reconstruction – renovation of lightning conductors by using materials with long-lasting stability and lower prices than those that were present on the market.

Nowadays HERMI is present also in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Romania. In years to fallow the expenditure to Hungarian and Austrian market is foreseen. HERMI produces high-quality and affordable comprehensive protection against the effects of lightning strikes and surge waves. The offer consists of HERMI lightning protection & surge protection, cable trays for electric cables and construction system for photovoltaics.


HERMI, d.o.o.

Miran Rauter, director

Trnoveljska c. 15, Celje, Slovenija
T: +386 3 426 06 50
F: +386 3 426 06 53
E: info(at)

HERMI Protection S.R.L.

Deaconu Petre-Lucian, sales director

Bd.Timisoara nr.104B Sector 6, Bucuresti
M: +40724273388
E: lucian.deaconu(at)

Ipros d.o.o.

Established in Slovenia in 1989, Ipros d.o.o. started out developing production plants for life sciences and food and beverage industries at the highest level. Today Ipros supplies full-service solutions for plant engineering and construction, as well as automation and installation, with a constantly increasing market share.

Ipros is an important system provider for heat exchangers targeting processes in pharma, food and chemical industries.

On the field of biopharma Ipros supplies its customers with all process and operation relevant services and key components for professionally seeing projects through to their completion – all from a single source.

On heat exchangers segment Ipros cooperates with world recognized producers of heat exchangers like Vahterus and Luftkuhler. It utilizes focused state-of-the-art process and project knowledge from the whole scope of heat exchanger technologies in each product.

In food & beverage field Ipros is recognized as a specialist for providing technically and economically optimized process technology solutions for treating dairy products, beer, food and juice. It offers necessary know-how for designing and constructing hygienic, aseptic and sterile plants for liquid and paste-like products.

With its headquarter in Slovenia, Ipros is represented in Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Poland, Albania and Macedonia


A few of its regular clients:

-       Heavy industry: Acroni, Talum, Birač, Michelin, Sava Tires

-       Agrana, HSI, Viro, Sunoko (part of Nord Zucher), Pfeifer & Langen–Sugar

-       Power: DEM, TEŠ, TET, TEBor, Litostroj Power, Končar GIM –

Belinka(a part of Solvay), Cinkarna, Henkel, Calcit

-       Oil & Gas: Petrohemija, Tanin–Chemical-Lukoil, Rompetrol, NIS, INA, Rafinerija Modriča, Petrotel Lukoil, ARMAX GAZ

-       Pharma: Lek (Sanodz), Krka, Pliva(Teva), LekPoland, LekRomania

-       Food and Beverage: InBev, Brewery Laško, Fructal, Dana, Coca Cola

-       Telecom: Banja Luka, Novi Travnik, KomunalaVelenje, Prijedor, Karlovac, NaftaGeoterm–Districtheating,

-       HVAC: Sava Hotels and Resorts, Terme Laško, Clinical Centre Maribor.

-       Paper: Papirnica Količevo, Vipap.



Ipros d.o.o.

Marjan Trampuž, managing director


Cesta v Gorice 30, 1000 Ljubljana


T: +386 1 2002620

F: +386 1 4231824

E: ipros(at)


Ipros Romania S.R.L.

Alin Daniel Popa, Head of Representation

M: +40 748 06 07 0

E: alin.popa(at)

Jub d.o.o.

JUB Colors complete your home

JUB d.o.o. is considered to be the oldest producer of wall paints in Slovenia and throughout the region. The beginning of production of mineral paints in small city Dol pri Ljubljani, where the company's headquarters are located even nowadays, dates back to 1875. Today, JUB is distinctively an international company exporting its products to more than 40 countries throughout Europe and the world, including Romania.

JUB is present in Romania, through its partners, all over the country.

Quality and friendliness of products to both users and the environment are basic orientations of the JUB business policy.

JUB interior paints respect the EU standards and high German national standards. JUB Company is one among the first manufacturers, outside Germany, to acquire the compliance certificate TUV SUD, the so-called "Schadstoffgepruft" on the minimum content of dangerous substances and emissions into the environment.



JUB cemical industry d.o.o.

Dol pri Ljubljani 28, Dol pri Ljubljani

T: +386 1 5884100

F: +386 1 5884252

E: info(at)






Calea Clujului 207/C

410 Oradea,


M: +40 720 937 185

E: adrian.derban(at)

Krka d.d.

Krka d.d. is one of the world's leading generic pharmaceutical companies. Its registered office is in Slovenia.

has over 60 years of experience in the industry. It is engaged in the development, production, sale and marketing of human health products (prescription pharmaceuticals and non-prescription products), animal health products and health resort and tourist services.

Krka focuses on generic prescription pharmaceuticals marketed under its own brands. Main therapeutic groups include pharmaceuticals for cardiovascular diseases, alimentary and metabolic diseases and for the central nervous system. Company has been entering new therapeutic areas (oncology medicines, anti-virus medicines), and in selected areas also with non-prescription products. It has more than 170 new products in the pipeline. A large share of revenue is generated by sales of new products, i.e. products launched in different markets in the past five years.


Krka is the leader pharmaceutical company on the Slovenian market and significantly present in the generic pharmaceutical markets of Eastern, Central and South-Eastern Europe, and in the markets of Western Europe. It has been strengthening its presence in overseas markets (Middle East, Far East, Africa and the Americas).


Production takes place in Slovenia, Poland, the Russian Federation, Croatia and Germany, while the remaining subsidiaries outside Slovenia are engaged in the marketing and/or sale of Krka products.



Krka d.d. Novo mesto

Jože Colarič, President of the Management Board and CEO

Šmarješka cesta 8, Novo mesto


T: +386 7 3312111

F: +386 7 3321537


Krka Romania S.R.L.

Amelia Tataru, director

Splaiul Independentei nr 319
Sema Parc, etaj 10, Sector 6
T: + 40 21 310 6605
F: + 40 31 100 0703


Optiprint d.o.o.

Core business of Slovenian Company Optiprint d.o.o. is renting printers and multifunctional devices for companies. Optiprint is a complete printing solution for every office, over 2500 satisfied clients across the Europe.

Main reasons to work with Optiprint:

  • Complete solution for worry free printing - the fixed monthly rent includes a printer or multifunctional device, installation, a responsive service and support, agreed number of color or black & white printouts.

  • Savings Guaranteed – Optiprint designed a business model that enables its partners the best overview over printing costs and at the same time lowers printing costs up to 80%. Beside that it enable clients to print everything in color. With Optiprint solution custumers save time and money.

  • Free trial period - Optiprint offers a completely free trial period, where you can convince yourself about our outstanding quality. You can choose from various printers and multifunction devices.

  • Focus on prompt and efficient customer service - 95% of services are completed in a period of one day. Prompt response and qualified technical team ensure that your business goes on without disturbances.

  • A possibility of contract without binding – the business world is full of rapid and unexpected changes that dictate the adaptability of trends in decision-making. Optiprint offers its customers a contract without long-term binding.

  • Eco-friendly solution – Optiprint printing solutions bring colors back to every business. Color printing is usually 5 to 8 times more expensive than black & white. Using its own development, Optiprint has equalized the price of color printing to the price of black & white printing. 



Optiprint d.o.o.

20 Kranjčeva street,

1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija

T: +386 590 25 812

F: +386 590 25 810

E: info(at)

E: prodaja(at)  


Optiprint, Bucharest & Ilfov

Linden Services S.R.L.


Cristian RAICU, Franchise Director


20A, B-dul Constructorilor Street,

tronson A, Room E4A.05, 6 District, Bucharest



T: 0314053569 / 70

M: 0040 – 770 795 736


Studio Moderna d.o.o.

Studio Moderna d.o.o. was launched in Slovenia in 1992 and its first    success came through a back-pain relief device named Kosmodisk®. Studio Moderna was able to leverage the power of genuine satisfied customers to help generate a huge demand for this simple but highly effective product. 


Today Studio Moderna is a leading omni-channel e-commerce and direct-to-consumer platform in Central and Eastern Europe, with a vertically integrated network, reaching more than 300 million consumers across 20 markets. Studio Moderna is the only European omni-channel company with proprietary product sourcing, portfolio of its own brands, strong TV infomercial production know-how & in-house creative agency, own contact management centers and multi-media strategy.


Its team consists of around 7000 people dedicated to serve its customers wherever they want to reach them. It is a customer-driven company that is focused on further developing distribution networks, home-shopping channels, video content, brand management, and customer-relationship management.



 Studi Moderna d.o.o.

 Podvine 36, 1410 Zagorje ob Savi

T: 01 5899700

F: 01 5899763


SC Studio Moderna S.R.L


7 Bd. Iuliu Mani

Corp A, Et.4, Sector 6, Bucuresti


 Web pages:


Facebook pages:

Youtube channels: